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Health and fitness retreats: FAQ

Is it for me? What level(s) of fitness do you cater for? How much variety is there in the training programmes? What does the schedule for a sample day look like? Is there any time to relax? What is included in the cost of my holiday? What’s not included? What should I pack? How can I check what facilities and services are available at each venue? How do you select the venues for the weeks and how large are the groups? Travelling alone? Do I have to take part in everything? What constitutes a 'typical group'? Do I get to see anything of local interest? What if I have special dietary requirements? Alcohol policy Will I lose weight? How do the airport transfers work? How do I keep in touch with home/the office? What else do I need to know before coming away? Consumer Protection? Other questions?

Is it for me?
fitscape holidays are ideal for everyone who wants to spend time focusing on their own fitness and would like to benefit from the expertise of some of the best personal trainers in the world. The team will meet with you at the beginning of the week to discuss all aspects of your health and fitness, to ensure maximum benefits for you. And be with you throughout the day and evening and during all mealtimes, so the team is always looking after your needs and answering any questions you might have. By the end of the week we will have developed with you everything you need to continue the good work at home!

What level(s) of fitness do you cater for?
All levels of fitness are welcomed - from those seeing the week as a kick-start to a healthier lifestyle, to those with high fitness levels who want to up the intensity further. Completion of the fitness profile form before the holiday will enable our personal trainers to assess the fitness level of the group, and thereby build a fitness programme most suitable for the standards of the group for that week. Our trainers are experienced at catering for all standards. Within the group activities our trainers expect different levels of fitness and give individual attention. There will be plenty of time to discuss your own fitness issues and goals to enable you to increase the effectiveness of your own training well after the week has ended.

How much variety is there in the training programmes?
Lots! One of the great strengths of a fitscape week is the variety of exercise we take. This will ensure you stay engaged, motivated and entertained. For most classes and activities there’s a choice of intensity level as well as a choice of class/activity.

What does the schedule for a sample day look like?
Each day of your fitscape holiday will be inspiring, motivational, fun and unique. For an idea of the sorts of classes, activities and sessions on offer, please see programmes.

Is there any time to relax?
All activities and classes are optional and they are all run and monitored by our friendly expert personal trainers. Guests are welcome to do as much or as little as they like. However, relaxation and recovery times are an important part of every fitscape fitness week, so there’s time in the schedule every day for leisurely meals (particularly dinner) and, of course, time to flop by the pool and read a good book or take a snooze.

What is included in the cost of my holiday?
Accommodation (with ensuite bathroom)
All meals, snacks, tea / coffee, water, soft drinks (unless otherwise specified)
A personal fitness consultation on arrival
All daily group physical activities 
Constant access to the trainers throughout the day

What’s not included?
Flights and airport transfers
Personal insurance
Taxis and excursions
Phone / fax / internet
Alcohol and fizzy drinks
Massage / spa treatments

What should I pack?
fitscape locations are hand picked to ensure that the weather is generally warm and dry. The evenings are generally warm too, but we recommend bringing something for the occasional cooler evenings. Dress is casual and informal for all meals. Whatever you feel comfortable in. We will give you a full check list of what to bring when you make your reservation, so you don't forget anything important!

How can I check what facilities and services are available at each venue?
Please see our check list

How do you select the venues for the weeks and how large are the groups?
Each of our venues has been carefully chosen for its combination of style and comfort, and the beautiful surrounding environment. It is a basic requirement that all venues have outdoor swimming pools and every bedroom has its own ensuite bathroom. We limit the group size to 15, so that there is maximum individual time with the fitness experts for each guest.

Travelling alone?
Many of our guests travel alone, and are looked after by our trainers from the moment they arrive at the airport till we all say goodbye. The team is on hand to look after guests throughout the holiday and will make sure everyone feels at home and relaxed at all times. We expect our holidays to attract a like-minded fun and friendly set of people, with firm friendships built during the week. We expect a mixture of guests travelling alone, couples, and friends sharing.

Do I have to take part in everything?
fitscape holidays are designed to provide maximum fitness benefits for all guests, so if you take part in all the classes and activities you will get the best overall results. But you do not have to take part in everything. After all, it's your holiday. However, there is also plenty of quiet time built into the daily schedules when you can just relax by the pool or in your room.

What constitutes a 'typical group'?
Obviously all weeks are different, however we expect that typically our groups will be mixed with a number of guests travelling on their own. Guests tend to span all age ranges. We expect a wide range of fitness levels on each week. What anticipate that all groups will be made up of fun, friendly, like-minded people who will quickly feel at ease with each other and make firm friendships during the week, and who all come to fitscape with a similar aim for the week - to focus on themselves and develop their own fitness levels, with a strong desire to learn as much as possible from the experts while they are on hand.

Do I get to see anything of local interest?
Of course, if you’d like to. Our selected venues are beautiful, but naturally while on holiday we'd expect guests to want to visit areas of local interest. There is plenty of time for exploring. We can help you organise a trip out to nearby destinations. The taxi fares are pretty reasonable, but please note that it’s not included in the cost of your trip.

What if I have special dietary requirements?
The fitness profile form which you'll complete before the holiday will provide you with the opportunity to tell us about any special dietary requirements that you have - be it vegetarian, vegan or other requirements/allergies. We do our best to cater for everyone.

Will I lose weight?
If weight loss is important for you during the week, then we will help you decide what to eat and drink and what not to eat and drink. A wonderful amount of outdoor exercise combined with a carefully planned, nutritious menu will inevitably lead to some weight loss, and guests who have monitored their intake and worked hard during the week may expect to lose anything up to 5-7lbs, some even more! There are obviously guests for whom weight loss is not the main focus, and if this is the case, then our team works with them to focus on their own goals - be it elevated aerobic fitness, or improved muscle tone, strength or flexibility.

Alcohol Policy
Since this is a fitness week the consumption of alcohol, even in moderation, is not an ideal accompaniment to your fitness programme, particularly if you’re trying to lose weight too. We recommend not drinking at all. However, it’s entirely up to you. Please note that alcohol is not included within the cost of your holiday and your bill will need to be settled up directly with the property owners prior to departure.

How do the airport transfers work?
If you are travelling on one of the recommended flights, one or more of our team will be at the airport to meet the flight, waiting in the arrivals hall with a clear fitscape sign that you can't miss, so you'll immediately feel welcomed and meet other guests. We'll then take everyone to the venue. On the last day we'll transport everyone back to the airport, allowing plenty of time for you to make your recommended flight and do any last minute shopping. Airport transfers are complimentary for repeat guests. For first timers, there is a small charge (generally £10 to £20).

How do I keep in touch with home/the office?
If you can't let your mind be fully immersed in your fitness holiday because of unavoidable pressures back home or in the office, don't worry. All our properties have reasonable mobile phone reception. However, for your sake, we'd advise you to leave as many stresses back home as you can - this is a unique chance for a wonderfully selfish week, and we want you to spend as much of the time as you can focusing on yourself and your own wellbeing, enjoying maximum time for having a great time.

What else do I need to know before coming away?
After you have booked your fitscape holiday we'll email you with a detailed list of things to consider before your time away, such as travel insurance, contact details and address of the venue, recommended flights (which we can advise at time of booking), temperatures to expect while away, recommended clothing and footwear, currency details and passport/visa requirements, if any. We will ask you to complete our fitness profile form. You can call us any time on0208 968 0501 if you have any unresolved questions in advance of your trip. We’re always happy to help.

Consumer Protection?
ATOLIn order for your holiday to be protected, all bookings made through us must include flights booked by us. These packages are ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority. Our ATOL number is 6412. ATOL protection extends primarily to customers who book and pay in the UK. Click on the ATOL logo if you want to know more.

Other questions?
Please email us or call us with any other questions you might have regarding the content of the week or locations. Please click here to email your query, or ask us to call you back, or call0208 968 0501. We would be very happy to talk to you.